Rehabilitation centre in Patiala: –Nasha Mukti Kender is the leading Rehabilitation centre in Patiala. With the aim to provide smooth and healthy services to the disturbed Alcoholic and Drug addicted patients the centre is founded in 2000.  Under the sincere leadership of our founder Sanjeev Sharma our Addicted Patients and other Concerned Patients always receive High Quality Treatment services.

“Addicts are not Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs, But Addicted to escaping reality.” 

Since our inception, we are helping the addicts to get rid of the the addiction.This is the reason our Nasha Mukti Kender have become the Best Alcohol and Drugs Rehabilitation centre in Patiala.

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How Rehabilitation centre helps the patients?

With changing lifestyle many people are getting addict to alcohol and drugs. When a person becomes addict to alcohol or drugs, it becomes difficult for the family to treat him at home. Here comes the role of  Rehabilitation centre. A rehabilitation centre is the best place to treat alcoholics as it is specially designed for them.

We at our Rehabilitation Centre create the environment where patients understand the importance of healthy life. We work towards the well-being of alcoholics and ensure to bring them back to normal life.  Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala providing best treatment.

Call Now: 09815006881

Who will be you doctor at Rehabilitation Centre?

Our team at De addiction Centre in Patiala,consists of specialized counselors and doctors, who have immense experience in this field. Our team of specialized are expert in understanding the situation and providing the best solution to that. Because Alcohol addiction not only requires medical treatment, but also needs a treatment for the mental trauma that the person is going through. So our counselors are just perfect at it. After taking treatment addicts from our Nasha Mukti Kendra in patiala will be fully recovered both mentally and physically. They start to live their life normally like others after the treatment. This our best treatment that make us the trusted Nasha Mukti Kendra in patiala.